LIS organizes SelPhyS 2019, the workshop on "Self-Awareness in Cyber-Physical Systems"


The concept of self-awareness is currently a hot research topic in many technical domains. The idea is to equip systems with this property so that they are enabled to adapt at runtime to errors or other unforeseen operating conditions and thus to increase dependability. The principle is adopted from biology and is more and more transferred to technical systems of various application domains.

SelPhyS, the workshop on "Self-Awareness in Cyber-Physical Systems", provides a platform to present an discuss associated ideas among researches who want to apply this principle in the design of embedded and cyber-physical systems.

SelPhyS 2019 is the 4th edition of this workshop series. It is organized by LIS staff and will take place on the TUM City Campus from April 15 to 16, 2019.

We look forward to seeing you at SelPhyS 2019.