Seminar on Topics in Integrated System Design (seminar)

Lecturer (assistant/s)Ulf Schlichtmann, Andreas Herkersdorf (Helmut Gräb, Christian Herber, Daniel Müller-Gritschneder)
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Offered inWintersemester 2016/17
Semester weekly hours3  
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Course criteria

Students have to choose a seminar topic before the introduction lesson. You need to contact a supervisor of a topic you are interested in. Topics are selected on a first come first served basis. You are only registered for the seminar after your topic supervisor has confirmed your chosen topic. For a list of topics refer to the following links: This seminar is jointly organized by Prof. Schlichtmann ( and Prof. Herkersdorf (

Topics are made available online on Oct. 5th, 2015.

Objective (expected results of study and acquired competences)

* self dependent learning of a scientific topic
* improving your oral presentation skills
* writing a scientific report
* designing a scientific paper


**The greatest ideas are worthless if you keep them to yourself**

The careful development of new results and methods is not enough to inspire your listeners, colleagues, or boss in your work. No less important is an understandable and convincing presentation of your achievements. The goal of the seminar is to improve these presentation skills.

Specific seminar topics in the area of electronic design automation and electronic systems architecture will be offered. Examples are analog design methodology, digital design methodology, layout synthesis, system-level design methodology, application-specific accelerators and function-specific processor architecture.

The participants independently work on a scientific topic, write a paper of 2-4 pages and a poster, and present their topic in a talk. In the subsequent discussion the topic will be treated in-depth.

Teaching and learning method (delivery of skills)

Learning method:
Students elaborate a given scientific topic by themselves in coordination with the respective research assistant.
Teaching method:
One introductory lesson is given by the course coordinator, further details are discussed between research assistant and student on an individual basis.

All current techniques for preparing and presenting papers and talks will be applied, e.g.
- blackboard, whiteboard
- electronic slides, beamer
- electronic word processing
- electronic slide processing

Assessment (exam method and evaluation)

* Written contribution consisting of paper and poster (50%)
* 20-minutes presentation followed by 5 minutes discussion (50%)

Online information

The next seminar will take place in Winter Term 17/18.