NameAufgabe / Task
ENGELHARD, MatthiasMasterarbeit: Implementation and Evaluation of Near-Memory Acceleration in a DSM System Simulator
GAITH, Mohamed Forschungspraxis:  A Hardware Mechanism to Detect & Resolve False-Sharing for Region Based Cache Coherence
KIRF, JonasStudent Job: Improving the Simulation Environment for Dynamic Data Migration
KÖRNER, PeterBachelor: Implementation of an Advanced Dynamic Task Migration Scheme
LENKE, OliverWerkstudent: Implementation of Advanced Graphcopy Features and the Development of a Testsuite
MANGALA KENCHE GOWDA, AkshathaMaster: Trace Generation for a Near Memory Simulation Framework
NASSUA, PhilippFakultät NASS
NOLTE, LarsWerkstudent: Implementation of Advanced Graphcopy Features and the Development of a Testsuite
OSTERTAG, AlexanderMaster: Design and Implementation of a Network Interface for a Fault-Tolerant Hybrid Network on Chip
PADVA, DanielMaster: Design and Implementation of a Fault-Tolerant Low-Through-put Broadcast Control & Management Netword for System on Chip
POURSALIDIS, SpyridonWerkstudent: Nezwerkprozessierung
SAHIN, Ozan CanForschungspraxis: HW-SW interface design for a self-aware SoC paradigm based on hardware machine learning (IPF)
SCHIECHEL, AdrianWerkstudent: NACK-based Bufferless NoC Simulations
SCHLIENZ, SteffenWerkstudent: Designoptimization of the InvasIC FPGA Prototype
SCHUPP, JonasBachelor: Two-Layer All Bufferless Networks-on-Chip
TARIQ, JawadForschungspraxis:Performance Evaluation of P4 on FPGA
VORLÄNDER, RafaelFerienkurs Digitaltechnik
WEI, XiaoForschungspraxis: HD Map Generation Based on Road Ortho-Image for Autonomous Driving
ZEKAR, SaifullahFerienkurs Digitaltechnik