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Hardware accelerated Image Fusion

Hardware accelerated Image Fusion


Automated driving systems require reliable information on the current environment in order to make proper decisions. Different sensor systems like cameras, LIDAR and radar contribute to this information. To minimize the possibility of incorrect recognitions or undetected objects the data provided by the different sensors must be exhaustively analyzed and compared to each other.

Such comparisons are only possible if the full surrounding is observed by each sensor system. As a single camera has a limited viewing angle multiple cameras are placed at different places around the vehicle to provide the required visual input.

 Additionally the processing time of the sensor inputs and data fusion must stay within limited bounds to ensure low end-to-end reaction times. For the camera systems this leads to a hardware accelerated implementation in order to achieve the required processing time.


The major goal of the thesis is the selection and implementation of a suitible algorithm to combine multiple images provided by different cameras to one image. Whereas the evaluation of the algorithm can be done with a pure software version e.g. with OpenCV the final version should run on Xilinx Zynq with suitable hardware accelerators implemented in the FPGA part.


To successfully complete this project, you should already have the following skills and experiences:

  • Knowledge of a hardware description language e.g. VHDL
  • Solid C programming skills
  • Hands-on FPGA development experience, preferably using Xilinx Vivado
  • Self-motivated and structured work style


Dirk Gabriel
Room N2117
Tel. 089 289 28578



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