Self-optimizing Multicore Processor Architectures


We are offering a Doctoral Researcher (Wissenschaftliche/r Mitarbeiter/in) position on the topic of Self-optimizing Multicore Processor Architectures.


The Institute for Integrated Systems at TU Munich is working on multi- and many-core processor architectures in various application domains like IP network processing, visual computing for robotics, automotive electronics or approximate computing. Solutions have to be optimized for various, often divergent objectives, e.g. power efficiency, performance and fault tolerance. We apply a platform based design approach, which means to use as much as possible available design components (IP cores) and only design and implement specific architecture extensions for further optimization.

Considering the steadily increasing susceptibility to errors with every new technology generation the design of appropriate systems on chip (SoC) imposes ever growing challenges. One major approach to cope with the associated complexity is to extend systems with functions that provide self-awareness and self-optimization (self-x) capabilities. These additional functionalities enable system optimization that is traditionally done solely at design time also during runtime.

The goal for the offered position is to study such extensions, investigate/evaluate the effectiveness of the approaches by simulation and demonstrate the scientific and practical value of the concepts on an FPGA-based prototyping platform.

The offered position is full-time and available as of now. It has a limitation of 3 years with the option of prolongation. Employment is according to the TV-L wage agreement group E13. Condition for employment is a Master’s degree in electrical or computer engineering. Previous knowledge in several of the following areas is required:

  • Microprocessor and multi-core architectures,
  • Networks-on-Chip,
  • Digital circuit design,
  • Xilinx FPGA platforms and the associated design flow / tools,
  • VHDL, SystemC

Qualified applicants are invited to send their application documents (CV, certificates and any other relevant papers) to:

Prof. Dr. Andreas Herkersdorf
Technical University of Munich
Institute for Integrated Systems
Arcisstr. 21
80333 Munich



Application documents sent via postal service will not be returned but destroyed in compliance with privacy protection rules.

TUM is especially encouraging minorities and women to apply, because of its strong commitment to diversity in engineering education, research, and practice. In case of equal qualification handicapped persons will be preferably employed.